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I have one primary passion...to help Gun Owners be more knowledgeable about Gun Laws so they act responsibly and not end up in jail. My goal is to share information and helpful insights so all gun owners can be more prepared.


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Thank you for visiting my Gun Law site...I hope I can help you be a more responsible gun owner by knowing more about gun law. I look forward to sharing my insights, thoughts, and stories about gun law. I look forward to meeting you...

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I write and share stories about GunLaw. They are designed to give you insights, helpful information, and more knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While my posts don't give legal advice, I hope by sharing these stories you can make better decisions.


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Learn more about Gun Law and how you can protect your family, yourself, and your firearms. I provide services specifically focused for helping gun owners be safer in the law. If you ever have a question, please ask...I welcome the opportunity to help you be safer within the law.


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Stories from our Blog...

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If you haven’t heard, carrying a gun to another state isn’t quite the same as brining some famous foods from your home state…it can end you up in jail. You have probably heard about the case of Shaneen Allen from Philadelphia that landed her in jail for carrying her handgun into New Jersey. She was set to be sentenced to up to five years in jail…until Governor Chris Christie pardoned her this past week. In a nutshell, Shaneen Allen was driving from Philadelphia to New Jersey (where there are very strict gun laws) and was pulled [more]
While I don’t get like get into a debate on the political aspects of gun law on my blog, I do like to talk about how some of these laws can impact the law-abiding gun owner and their families. What happens in many states, including our own, is that when a gun law passes, not all gun owners either comply or possibly even know about it. That is an issue for any gun owner and something I want to make sure all of you, my readers, are aware of as well. What happens is that an initiative or law [more]
There has been a lot of discussion of the recent case in Florida where a man was arrested for carrying a firearm in the open…even though he had a concealed carry permit. But this isn’t about either of these issues, this is an issue every gun owner, regardless of their state, needs to be aware of to protect themselves from an “accidental felony.” In the case of Norman v. State of Florida, Dale Norman was arrested for carrying an open firearm in Florida. He had a concealed carry permit but when he was out walking the gun became [more]