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I have one primary passion...to help Gun Owners be more knowledgeable about Gun Laws so they act responsibly and not end up in jail. My goal is to share information and helpful insights so all gun owners can be more prepared.


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Thank you for visiting my Gun Law site...I hope I can help you be a more responsible gun owner by knowing more about gun law. I look forward to sharing my insights, thoughts, and stories about gun law. I look forward to meeting you...

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I write and share stories about GunLaw. They are designed to give you insights, helpful information, and more knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While my posts don't give legal advice, I hope by sharing these stories you can make better decisions.


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Learn more about Gun Law and how you can protect your family, yourself, and your firearms. I provide services specifically focused for helping gun owners be safer in the law. If you ever have a question, please ask...I welcome the opportunity to help you be safer within the law.


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Stories from our Blog...

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There is so much discussion and debate over gun laws and gun control these days you can’t go a day without getting deluged by the content…it’s never ending. And it appears the volume is about equal on both sides of the argument for or against more gun control. One side wants new laws passed and the other wants fewer laws passed…both sides of the spectrum for sure. But when we look at some of these laws we have in place, my question is, “Do we really need more gun laws for common sense answers? Case in [more]
If you stop and asked 100 gun owners to tell you what a certain law is about and what it allows/restricts them from doing, many would get the “main point” of the law right or at least be close to what it meant. However, if you asked them to give you some of the more specific details written into the law and what those require you to do or what they restrict, you would get very few that could answer that question. This is one of the biggest issues, in my opinion, for gun owners. Getting caught up in all [more]
There has been a lot of discussion and even legislation on the local levels in a variety of cities and states to allow more people to carry firearms into more places. Regardless of whether you agree with this or not isn’t the issue here…the issue is if you, the one carrying the firearm, understand the laws and your responsibilities? Often times the answer is no! Whether we are talking about firearms or anything else that requires people to better understand the law, if you don’t know what you can or can’t do within the law, you [more]