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I have one primary passion...to help Gun Owners be more knowledgeable about Gun Laws so they act responsibly and not end up in jail. My goal is to share information and helpful insights so all gun owners can be more prepared.


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Thank you for visiting my Gun Law site...I hope I can help you be a more responsible gun owner by knowing more about gun law. I look forward to sharing my insights, thoughts, and stories about gun law. I look forward to meeting you...

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I write and share stories about GunLaw. They are designed to give you insights, helpful information, and more knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While my posts don't give legal advice, I hope by sharing these stories you can make better decisions.


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Learn more about Gun Law and how you can protect your family, yourself, and your firearms. I provide services specifically focused for helping gun owners be safer in the law. If you ever have a question, please ask...I welcome the opportunity to help you be safer within the law.


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Stories from our Blog...

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This may be one of the only, or certainly few, blog posts that isn’t talking about the pro or con of gun ownership in America…but it is one that is important to every gun owner. I work extensively in the area of “Transfer and Possession” laws…helping the average gun owner stay within the law on how they possess, use, and transfer firearms. This is becoming even more critical today because of the nuances of the law. But the recent shootings brings up another key point I want to talk about…knowing your family, friends, and relatives. What [more]
This probably sounds like a silly question to many…but to David Haywood, it wasn’t quite so clear. Take the case in Minnesota where their courts upheld that a BB Gun was considered a firearm. While this might not mean much to the average gun owner, it certainly did to David Haywood. Why? Because he was someone who had a prior felony conviction and was caught in possession of a firearm…a BB Gun…and now faces additional felony charges according to the courts. The article in MPR News in Minnesota, “Minnesota Court: A BB Gun is a Firearm,” [more]
We have all heard it…there is a definite increase in women owning firearms. There is an obvious reason…protection. They feel a far greater need today to protect themselves and their families. It’s growing and it’s changing the landscape of traditional firearm ownership. But are they prepared? One thing I have learned about women owning guns is that when they set their mind to learning about it…they really learn about it. It isn’t about the ego of the gun or owning the biggest and meanest gun…it’s about how to use it properly for [more]